Headlands Center for the Arts

Online Community Guidelines

Through our presence online and on social media, we strive to extend our unique, on-site experience, Artists’ work, and programming to our online visitors. In doing so, our goal is to share the work of leading-edge artists and thinkers, strengthen the Bay Area arts ecosystem and community, and engage in advocacy for artists and the arts. We believe that community collaboration is essential to our mutual thriving. 

In order to meet these goals, it’s important that our online community knows they are in a space conducive to dialogue. As such, here are a few guidelines to follow as you interact with Headleads, and each other, in our online spaces:

  • Please demonstrate empathy when engaging in dialogue. 
  • Hate speech is not tolerated on our social media under any circumstance. Hate speech includes, but is not limited to: bullying, threats, harassment, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, or any other -isms against protected classes or marginalized identities.
  • Trolling and doxxing will not be tolerated. Do not post or share personal information of others, or deliberately disruptive statements meant to hijack a conversation.
  • Do not post comments or messages that are misleading or false, including misinformation or serious, unproven, or inaccurate accusations against individuals or organizations.
  • Do not post or interact using anonymous, spam, or bot accounts.
  • Do not post spam content or advertisements.
  • Please uphold equity in conversations. That means listening to traditionally marginalized people and accepting and deferring to their experience in conversations about race, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, etc. Believe people from traditionally marginalized communities about their marginalization. Do not “talk over” people who are sharing their lived experience with you.
  • Please respect other peoples’ work. Only upload content that you have created, or properly credit people for their content if you have obtained permission to share it.

Headlands staff moderates our social media pages and will take action when we see something that violates these guidelines. This may involve removing the comment and inviting the user to make a new comment that fits within the community guidelines. If there is a pattern of harm, staff may block a user, with or without warning at their discretion. 

If you have any questions about the moderation of our social media pages, email us at communications@headlands.org or DM us your question. We are a small team, so we may not see everything. If you see an inappropriate comment that hasn’t been dealt with, please email or DM us about it.

Connect with us at @HeadlandsArts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook