Headlands Center for the Arts

In-Kind Donations

Headlands is delighted to accept gently used items, including office and studio equipment, computers and electronics, household furniture, vehicles, and other miscellaneous items. Below is a list of our most pressing needs.

Professional Services

Headlands also accepts pro bono support, including architectural and construction services, graphic design, and event production, among other forms of professional services rendered. Headlands is a partner of Public Architecture’s 1% Program (www.publicarchitecture.org).

Most-Needed Items:

Pickup Truck or large vehicle for hauling
Bike racks
Round Cafe Tables
Medium-sized mixing board
Upright freezer

Furnishings, Appliances, and Tools:

Appliance hand truck w/straps and stair rollers
Hand tools (screwdrivers, hammers, cordless drills, tape measures, etc.)
Paint sprayer
Paper cutter
Power-assist lawn mower – professional grade
Power washer – 
professional grade
Vacuum cleaners
Standard domestic refrigerator
Sturdy folding tables
Table lamps
Weed wacker – professional grade
Sturdy Outdoor Furniture (Tables & Chairs)


3-5 microphone boom stands
3-5 new microphones (Lavalier style)
Apple DVI to video adapters (especially for newer Macs)
Digital projector
Digital flat screen TV
External hard drive
Midi keyboard module
Mobile/modular lighting rig
Newest Midi interface
PA speakers
Soundproofing and/or darkening drapes (such as blackout liner or Duvatene)
XLR cables

Mess Hall:

Coffee mugs
Dinner-sized spoons and forks
Serving bowls
Serving platters
Serving utensils (silver)
Armless wooden dining chairs