Headlands Center for the Arts

Other Histories

A Thematic Group Residency

Other Histories invited ten artists to explore twin themes— “Knowing War” and “Global Human Movements: Immigration”—over the course of a week-long, live/work residency in Headlands’ unique setting as former U.S. military fort and current National Park area.

Participants met formally and informally to exchange ideas, approaches and experiences in working on creative projects that represent human stories in these crucial topics of interest.  Main roundtable discussion sessions included:

  • People, Places, Topics and Methodologies
  • Identifying Targets/Mapping Strategies for Project Generation
  • Working Well with Others: How to Take Advantage of/Respect Collaborators’ Capacities
  • Means toward an End: Documenting/Transforming Charged Material

Among the issues discussed were: methodologies across disciplines, ethics in working with human subjects, representational strategies.

Excerpts from transcribed discussions are available on the Other Histories website: otherhistories.wordpress.com