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Tova Mozard, still from "Psychic," 2020.

Tova Mozard

Film/Video/New Media
Artist in Residence, 2023

Portrait of Tova Mozard

Artist Statement

I am an artist driven by story-telling. In my photography, film, and performance work, I combine popular cultural references and cliches with personal material and abstract and theatrical language.

Based on the assumption that the idea of the “Self” is a constructed story that comes alive in relationships and situations, I use the camera and the stage to bring out parts of ourselves we didn’t know existed. I work closely with my subjects, and zoom in on specific themes where personas and work titles exist in an interpersonal symbiosis: addicts, actors, fortune tellers, comedians, police, and my own personal story. This framework can be seen as an archaic need to see oneself both in the artistic process and in the resulting work. I take on different roles in front of and behind the camera, testing my own limits of directing and acting.


While at Headlands

At Headlands I will be working on a film project that circles around myself and my relationship to my father, who committed suicide when I was 14 years old. I will be editing material, working with old family home videos, letters between me and my father, drawings, old sound bites, my own filmed material I’ve collected over the years, and may incorporate new material recorded during my time as an Artist in Residence. I look forward to having the space and concentration to go deep into this somewhat heavy work, and to opportunities for dialogue, and exchange of ideas with others at Headlands.