Headlands Center for the Arts

2015 Awardees

Headlands Center for the Arts is pleased to present the 2015 Artist in Residence and Alumni New Works Awardees. 59 artists comprise this year’s illustrious lineup, which hosts artists & collaboratives from 14 countries, 10 states, and many from our home in the San Francisco Bay Area. The 2015 awardees will join our organization’s dynamic ecosystem of visual artists, musicians, writers, dancers, performers, architects, filmmakers, activists, and curators.

Image: The Archive, Chapter 1 (2011) by Johannes Helden (AIR ’15).


Emily Abendroth, writing, Pennsylvania
Mona Aghababaee, visual, Iran
Youness Atbane, performance/dance, Morocco
Mark Baugh-Sasaki, visual, California
Alfonso Borragán, interdisciplinary/social practice, Spain
Blaire Briody, writing, California
Alexey Buldakov, architecture/environment, Russia
Brian Chase, music/sound, New York
Mike Cloud, visual, New York | Chiaro Award
CA Conrad, writing, Pennsylvania
Marie de Brugerolle, arts professional, France
Erin Diebboll, visual, California
LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, writing, New York
Yasmine El Rashidi, writing, Egypt
Patricia Fernandez, visual, California
t.w. five, visual, California
Futurefarmers, architecture/environment, California
Mary Gaitskill, writing, New York
Sandra Garcia Rivera, writing, California
Anne Germanacos, writing, California
Matthew Goodheart, music/sound, California
Heidi Hahn, visual, Connecticut
David Hartt, visual, Illinois
Johannes Heldén, interdisciplinary/social practice, Sweden
Leslie Hewitt, visual, New York
Carolyn Janssen, visual, California
Wioleta Kaminska, film/video/new media, California
Nicole Klaymoon, performance/dance, California
Guy Klucevsek, music/sound, New York
Will Kwan, visual, Canada
Yuliya Lanina, film/video/new media, Texas
Idas Losin, visual, Taiwan
Sharon Lockhart, visual, California
Sara Shelton Mann, performance/dance, California
Matthew Mazzotta, architecture/environment, New York | Chamberlain Award
Nandipha Mntambo, visual, South Africa
Taisha Paggett, performance/dance, California
Wilfredo Prieto, interdisciplinary/social practice, Cuba
Vladimir Rannev, music/sound, Russia
Luis Recoder & Sandra Gibson, film/video/new media, New York
Julia Reichert, film/video/new media, Ohio
Gregory Sale, interdisciplinary/social practice, Arizona
Tina Satter, performance/dance, New York
Mica Sigourney, performance/dance, California
Heather Smith, writing, California
J.P. Sniadecki, film/video/new media, Wisconsin
Rirkrit Tiravanija, interdisciplinary/social practice, New York/Thailand
Noam Toran, interdisciplinary/social practice, United Kingdom
Ken Urban, writing, New York
Mary Walling Blackburn, interdisciplinary/social practice, New York
Xiaowei Wang, architecture/environment, California
Ruth Watson, visual, New Zealand
Jeff Williams, visual, New York
Christopher Woebken, architecture/environment, New York
Charles Woodman, film/video/new media, Ohio

*Detailed information on 2015 Awardees coming soon


Alumni New Works is a project-based award program that supports the cutting edge contemporary creative practices of Headlands Alumni, and provides impactful resources toward the development and completion of a project.

Desirée Holman (AIR ’09), film/video/performance, California
Desirée Holman will return to Headlands to continue work on her experimental, multi-channel video and performance project Sophont in Action. In this work, Holman employs the aspirational languages of New Age and Technology ideologies, both of which have deep histories in the Bay Area. The resulting narrative of transcendence reflects broader social struggles for equality, a recurring theme in Holman’s video, and more recently performative, practice.

Suzanne Lacy (AIR ’03), interdisciplinary/social practice, California
Social practice artist Suzanne Lacy will continue writing and editing The Oakland Projects, a book of her collaborative works in Oakland between 1991 and 2000, including the renowned project The Roof is on Fire. As the forms and discourse of social practice have developed, the need for critical writing and case studies in the field is increasingly important in order to contextualize contemporary practices and map their progress; this book will contribute in that role.

Farid Matuk (AIR ’10), writing, Arizona
Poet Farid Matuk will continue writing and editing the book My Daughter La Chola, which explores the possibilities for subjective agency “to deflect or work within the very narratives that are projected onto our bodies.” The book-length project will expand upon the 2013 chapbook of the same name, and will be joined by a new critical essay, also written by Matuk, that addresses performativity and the weight of historical narratives.

Lisa Mezzacappa (AIR ’06), music/sound, California
Bassist and composer Lisa Mezzacappa will produce the collaborative new work, Glorious Ravage, with Bay Area musicians and filmmakers. The “panoramic free jazz song cycle”—as Mezzacappa describes it— will, in form and tone, evoke the adventures of 19th century women explorers who discovered their own strengths and humanity in the process. Glorious Ravage continues Mezzacappa’s collaborative and multimedia practice, and explores the tensions between internal and external worlds.