Headlands Center for the Arts

Energy Transfers
with Hugh Pocock

Desire Trails
Sunday, August 3, 2014




Free | RSVP Required


From the Mess Hall

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Join Summer Project Space artist Hugh Pocock (AIR ’14) for an informal workshop on one of the key focal points of his practice: the collecting and arranging of energy from natural materials. A focus of Pocock’s residency at the Headlands will be to build a low tech, wood fired desalination system to make drinking water from sea water. To this effect, the afternoon will center around an examination of different forms and sources of energy required to do simple, yet vital actions such as boil water and communicate information. Participants will accompany the artist on a short walk to gather examples of local energy sources—such as seawater—and then work together to learn how energy transfers from one system to another. Please be prepared to discuss and explore this subject with an open mind, as these are systems that are not yet fully understood.

Space is limited; please RSVP here