Headlands Center for the Arts

Debut of Alumni New Works

The six inaugural awardees – Mel Day & Jeanne Finley, Anthony Discenza, Ben Ehrenreich, Kalup Linzy, Jefferson Pinder, and Swintak – will receive grants of $2,500 and month-long residencies to initiate new work or finalize work for public presentation.

The Alumni New Works program awards project-based, month-long return residencies to six noteworthy alumni each year. To enhance the impact of the award, Headlands has partnered with the crowdfunding platform USA Projects to provide these artists with access to additional funds.

What makes this program so unique?

As sharon maidenberg, Headlands’ Executive Director, notes, “Funding and support for artists and new project development remains limited today, despite research showing that individuals value art highly in their lives and communities. The Alumni New Works Initiative is a bold and direct way for us to continue to support the lives and careers of the artists who’ve come through our program – a community of nearly 1,000 – through dedicated support for selected artists’ projects. We are particularly pleased to partner with USA Projects which enables awardees to use Headlands project-grant as leverage for their own efforts in fundraising for these important projects.”

2012 Alumni New Works Awardees

Mel Day, sound (GRAD ’05-’06; AFF, ’06 /CA) and Jeanne Finley, video (AIR ’05 /CA)
As part of their Alumni Artist Return Visit in Summer 2012, frequent collaborators Finley and Day will complete the two-channel experimental piece “Fat Chance,” based on a shipwreck on the shores of Headlands’ Rodeo Beach. The final installation is slated for exhibition at Patricia Sweetow Gallery, SF. They will also commence work on a new Palo Alto Art Center commission, “Acoustic Threshold,” working in collaboration with many community groups.

Anthony Discenza, visual (AIR ’01/CA)
Visual artist Anthony Discenza will work on a new audio-based project while on a Return Visit in Fall 2012. This project will be the latest in a series of works that utilize Google search tools to collect text fragments from many different sources and weave them into a new, synthetic text. The project will be exhibited either with audio recording or delivered by live voice as actors move through the space.

Ben Ehrenreich, writing (AIR ’03/CA)
During his Fall 2012 Return Visit, writer and journalist Ben Ehrenreich will develop his current novel-in-progress, based on poet Roque Dalton’s tremendous life as a radical political and aesthetic catalyst in 1970s El Salvador. Based on field research, and as a fictional expansion of an earlier published essay, Ehrenreich plans to complete a draft on the way toward final publication.

Kalup Linzy, performance/video (AIR ’10/NY)
Prolific and challenging, performance and video artist Kalup Linzy will make a return visit to Headlands in Summer 2012 to shoot and edit the feature film “Introducing Kaye,” a spinoff of the web series “Melody Set Me Free,” which streams on James Franco’s Whosay’s channel. The video and music will be featured in a performance at the Metropolitan Museum in September, and has been supported by Creative Capital Foundation and The Tribeca Film Institute.

Jefferson Pinder, film (AIR ’10/IL)
For his Alumni Return Visit to Headlands in Summer of 2012, Jefferson Pinder will be shooting studies in Marin County and other nearby locations for a performance-based video depicting a fictional black suburban experience, as a platform for exploring aspects of the openness of the American Dream as well as for understanding difference. Inspired by the satirical style of David Lynch, and utilizing synchronized movement, the finished work will feature two black yardkeepers working gracefully in unison to mow a lawn at night.

Swintak, interdisciplinary (AIR ’11/Canada)
During her Fall 2012 Return Visit, multimedia installation and performance artist Christine Swintak will dream within Headlands’ bunkers—local architectural remnants & ghostly artifacts of another era. Headlands will be one of three international bunker sites in her larger project “Sleeping in Bunkers.” Swintak will create video vignettes of the dreams, to be exhibited within scaled dioramas at CAFKA Biennial, Kitchener, Ontario, among other venues.

Image: Swintak, 2011