Headlands Center for the Arts

2016 Awardees

Headlands Center for the Arts is pleased to announce the 51 artists and collaboratives who have been awarded into its renowned Artist in Residence program for 2016, including alumni who will receive project-specific support through Alumni New Works. The creative practitioners in this year’s lineup represent 18 countries, 10 states, and a multitude of practices that will come together here at Headlands with the direct support of fully sponsored, live-in residencies designed to sustain their artistic processes.

Image: Morning Glory by Sopheap Pich (AIR ’16).

Read more about each of the 2016 Artists in Residence here

Mauricio Arango, interdisciplinary, New York
Firelei Báez, visual, New York | Chiaro Award
Jesse Bonnell, performance/dance, New York
Andrea Bowers, visual, California
Marco Breuer, visual, New York | Larry Sultan Photography Award
Jedediah Caesar & Kate Costello, visual, California
Chen Xiaoyun, film/video/new media, China
Philip Dadson, music/sound, New Zealand
Jonas Dahlberg, architecture/environment, Sweden
Chris Duncan, visual, California | Project Space
Malik Gaines, performance/dance, New York
Fernando García-Dory, social practice, Spain | Chamberlain Award
Alejandro Guzmán, social practice, New York | Project Space
Fritzia Irizar, visual, Mexico | Project Space
Iman Issa, visual, Egypt/New York
Lucy Ives, writing, New York
Lars Jan, Early Morning Opera, performance/dance, California
Prajakti Jayavant, visual, California
Andrea Joki, visual, Ohio
Jennifer Kabat, arts professional, New York
Brad Kahlhamer, visual, New York | Richard Diebenkorn Teaching Fellowship
Ken Kalfus, writing, Pennsylvania
Samson Kambalu, visual, Malawi/United Kingdom
Guy Klucevsek, music/sound, New York
Jamila Lamrani, visual, Morocco
Life After Life (Paige K. Johnston and Karthik Pandian), interdisciplinary, Vermont | Project Space
Candice Lin, interdisciplinary, California
Cybele Lyle, visual, California | Project Space
Sara Shelton Mann, performance/dance, California
Rachel Monroe, writing, Texas
Brian Mumford, music/sound, Oregon
Toyin Ojih Odutola, visual, New York
Aki Onda, music/sound, New York
Ted Passon, film/video/new media, Pennsylvania
Ciara Phillips, visual, Scotland
Sopheap Pich, visual, Cambodia
Sarah Rara, film/video/new media, California | Project Space
Gwenaël Rattke, visual, Germany
Andrea Reynosa, social practice, New York
Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan, writing, New York
Noam Toran, interdisciplinary, United Kingdom
Cassandra Troyan, writing, Illinois
Ewa Wesolowska, interdisciplinary, Poland
Christopher White, performance/dance, California
Sheilah Wilson, visual, Ohio
Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn, music/sound, New York
Greg Youmans, writing, Washington
Arseny Zhilyaev, interdisciplinary, Russia


Alumni New Works is a project-based award program that supports the cutting edge contemporary creative practices of Headlands Alumni, and provides impactful resources toward the development and completion of a project.

Olive Bieringa & Otto Ramstad (AIR ‘06), performance/dance, Minnesota
BodyCartography collaborators Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad will choreograph a performance installation work called the felt room during their return to Headlands. the felt room is enacted by twenty performers in an elusive, dark gallery, where participants create an autonomous zone of experience that is not reducible to logic, reason, or morality. As the felt room plays out, physical and conceptual divides are crossed as participants are given the opportunity to experience themselves in a deeply embodied way. The dance engages performers and audiences in a practice of intentional aliveness through a shared exploration of the unknown.

Erik Moskowitz & Amanda Trager (AIR ‘07), film/video/new media, New York
Collaborators Erik Moskowitz and Amanda Trager return to Headlands to continue developing their project, ISLAND. This narrative-based video installation fictionalizes present-day inhabitants of Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada by setting them in a dystopic future of environmental degradation and technological developments. Using this storied location of Indigenous peoples, Viking and European settlers, back-to-the-landers, Vietnam War-dodging Americans, and a particular circle of New York artists, ISLAND explores Cape Breton’s culture as one on the tipping-point. Where DIY, traditional forms of living on the land have long endured, the island is now moving onto the grid, and earlier forms of life face erasure. The conditions of this compressed temporal frame between the past and future are formally mirrored in the multi-channel narrative of ISLAND.