Headlands Center for the Arts

2014 Awardees

Headlands Center for the Arts is pleased to announce the 2014 Artist in Residence Awardees. 44 remarkable thinkers—representing the full spectrum of disciplines—were selected from over 1300 applicants. This year marks not only the highest number of applications in our 32-year history, but also our most geographically diverse lineup to date. In addition to the incoming Artists in Residence, 6 Headlands Alumni awarded project-specific support and funds through the Alumni New Works initiative.

Image: Pigeon dOr (2011) by Tuur Van Balen & Revital Cohen (AIR ’14).


Natalia Almada, film/video/new media, Mexico
Cecilia Ballí & Melissa del Bosque, writing, Texas
A. Igoni Barrett, writing, Nigeria
David Brooks, architecture/environment, New York
Horacio Castellanos Moya, writing , El Salvador
Alex Cecchetti, interdisciplinary, France/Italy
Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen, interdisciplinary, UK/Belgium
Daniel Corral, music/sound, California
Kara Crombie, film/video/new media, Pennsylvania
Peter Flemming, music/sound, Canada
Emily Hanako Momohara, visual, Ohio
Leslie Hewitt, visual, New York
Cynthia Hopkins, performance/dance, New York
Carrie Hott, interdisciplinary, California
Pieter Hugo, visual, South Africa
Janelle Iglesias, visual, New York
Isak Immanuel, performance/dance, California
Jarett Kobek, writing, California
Mayuko Kono, visual, Idaho
Anne La Berge, music/sound, Netherlands
Miranda Mellis, writing, California
Allison Miller, visual, California
Nadija Mustapic, film/video/new media, Croatia
Terence Nance, film/video/new media, New York
Khalil Nemmaoui, visual, Morocco
Rashaad Newsome, visual, New York
Blessing Ngobeni, visual, South Africa
Nanna Nordström, visual, Sweden
Nils Norman, architecture/environment, United Kingdom
Taisha Paggett, performance/dance, California
A. Laurie Palmer, interdisciplinary, Illinois
Claire Pentecost, interdisciplinary, Illinois
Hugh Pocock, interdisciplinary, Maryland
Wilfredo Prieto, visual, Cuba
Julia Reichert, film/video/new media, Ohio
Dario Robleto, interdisciplinary, Texas
Steve Rood, visual, New Zealand
Sean San Jose, performance/dance, California
J.P. Sniadecki, film/video/new media, Michigan
Claire Tancons, arts professional, Louisiana/Guadeloupe
Arisa White, writing, California
Saya Woolfalk, visual, New York
Ying Zhu, visual, Washington
*Detailed information on 2014 Awardees coming early December


Alumni New Works is a project-based award program supporting the cutting edge contemporary creative practices of Headlands Alumni and the creation of new original artwork.

LeRoy Bach (AIR ’06), music/sound, Illinois
Jennifer and Kevin McCoy (AIR ’09), film/video/new media, New York
Harold Mendez (AIR ’12), visual, Texas
Nora Pierce (AIR ’04), writing, France
Leslie Shows (TOURNESOL ’06), visual, California
The Studio for Urban Projects, Alison Sant & Richard Johnson (AIR ’01), architecture/environment, California